Are you looking for MASS APPEAL? 

Are you currently making noise and creating a buzz with your music? 

Are you looking to be cast on Music TV Show ? 


Accepting Singers & Rappers  


The producers of the show are auditioning talented singers and rappers online throughout the United States for a chance to make 'Global Stars' with worldwide recognition and mass appeal. The producers of the show are looking for consistency, passion-and-drive, and originality!



FREE - 5 min audition 

Participants should have up to 2 of their best songs ready to perform


Auditions times Monday - Friday 5PM- 7PM EST

Frequently asked questions

What do I get out of this opportunity?

This show is a 'live taping' that is focused on showcasing talented individuals that will Shock and Change the music game. If you are selected to be on the show we will focus on building a career for you.

I’m ready to audition for my opportunity!

  1. Please make sure you’ve read FAQ section and agree to terms and conditions contract.
  2. Once you select your audtion day and time, you are stating that you agree to the terms and conditions and are ready to audition for the show.
  3. If your interested starting your marketing, we're accepting payment via Cash App to: $vspromo Or or Venmo @verdikt_studios1

Will this show be aired on TV?

Yes! We are also affiliated with AMG. This show will be pitched to VH1, MTV, FOX, NBC, Hulu, Netflix etc.

Will I be able to bring my manager on the show?

Your manager can consult with you during offline show times.

Where will the online auditions be held and will they be recorded live?

Yes, we are holding auditions via Zoom Mon - Fri 5PM - 7PM We will send you a zoom link to connect with producers via Instagram or Email. Yes, this will be a live taping so please be sure to be Camera Ready!

What type of internet connection I should have ?

A good strong WiFi connection is a requirement.

I sing and play instrument, can I still audition?

Yes, we are also open to groups and bands.

If my audition doesn’t go well, can I schedule again?

Yes, you can audition again at a later date.

If my audition goes well, what happens next?

We will let you know at the end of the audition if we will be moving forward with you or not by holding a brief discussion and performance evaluation with you. If everything goes well, you will move on to the next round and will be paired with another participant at random for a competition and a chance to perform at the 'LIVE SHOWS' in our host cities.

Do I have to sign paperwork?

Yes, after the 'LIVE SHOWS' the winning acts will receive a contract to be on the "Who’s Next TV Show" to stay in the MANSION house for 1 week.

Are they any other fees I have to pay?

No! There is no fees associated with this show.

What is the flow of show?

Audition- Evaluation Round 1 - Face Off Round 2 - Elimination Live Shows - Performing in front of 3000+ audiednce for a chance to make it on the show Who’s Next TV Show - Will take place in mansion (location to be announced) and strongest acts will stay for duration of one week.

Where will the LIVE SHOWS be held?

Mable Ampitheather -Atlanta Georgia -TBA Bayou Music Center- Houston Texas - TBA

Can you guys send me to other music show or TV show opportunities?

Yes, we work directly with "The Voice" and have been sending acts and actors for Season 20, as of April 2021. We are also sending acts and actors to the MTV -TV show, "Ghosted". If interested please contact us via email

If I make it on Who's Next show do I get paid?

Yes! $250.00 - $750.00 per episode as this is explained in the contract with your amount per episode.

I missed my audition can I resubmit a form?

Yes, you can resubmit another form. Please keep in mind if you missed your 1st audition it will be marked as No Show and will be automatically denied. When you resubmit for your 2nd audition please be on time. Unforunately there is no 3rd or 4th auditons.