Opening for Major Artist

Every month we deal with 4-6 big house hold names, that we're now offering performing opportunities for merging artists to jump start their music career.

3 benefits

1. National/Worldwide brand recognition

2. Perform in a packed venue with fully engaged audience.

3. Organic advancement of music Streams on many digital platforms


Artist understands the Major artist will review their music once Major Artists approves, artist will receive contract to being an opening act.


Artist understand that there is a deposit fee of $500 to hold and secure artist performance.


Artist understand he/she will have to fill out Name, Phone, Email. Photo, who is the Major artists? Submit 3 of your songs mp3 to complete the payment.


Artist understands once payment is made a representative will contact them with further instructions pertaining to their show interests. Artists understand club holds total of 3500 people.


Artists is responsible for full payment to secure their slot on stage. Artist understands that once the payment is made in full. The artist will receive 6 cutline passes, flyers along mainstream artists, phone interview on radio station, along with song airplay, Press Write up along with being Issued popular magazine/ Blog/ Site placements. 1 performance with PlugMeInRadio Showcases performing 2 songs.


Artist understands he/she is responsible for payment for securing a slot on stage. Artist understand he/she is allowed to sell their merchandise at the show to generate revenue.

Artist is responsible their own transportation and lodging. If artist would like us to assist them with lodging and transportation it will be additional fee, and Artist will have to speak with us to go over details needed.


Artists understands if he/she has a song with feature artists it's an additional fee of $135 for insurance purposes.


Artists understands we accept payment plans with a deposit of 50% down.


Artists understand once he/she has made a deposit and refuses to continue payment arrangements. Artist will not be able to go on stage to perform until payment is made in full.



Artist understands we do not issue any refunds for our shows. We ensure our clients safety by undergoing protection of stage insurance as soon as the payment is made. Artist understands we don’t give refunds however we can offer PR and Promo services for more brand awareness.



Showcases Our In-House showcase takes places in Houston TX. We are open to all genres due to our diverse audience we attract. This is first come first serve opportunity for artists to showcase their talents to diverse audience for more recognition.




At Verdikt Studios, we don’t just do the job - we succeed. We want to differentiate you from the competition, and help you stand out like the star you truly are. We’re proud of everything we do, and invite you to take a look for yourself.



Call us 844-837-3458

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