Your music video will be delivered to select national outlets and regional video shows, retail video pools (outlets that provide in-store music video programming to retailers, fitness centers, shopping malls, nightlife locations etc), video-on-demand providers (MTV Pluto, Havoc TV, Music Choice), mobile phones and tablets, nightclubs and numerous high profile Internet outlets and popular blogs.


VERDIKT STUDIOS will provide professional digital delivery of the video in all the required formats and file sizes for all the various outlets, each with a complete and accurate slate, closed captioning, proper completion of required submission forms, and we always adhere to a keen, unflappable attention to detail throughout the entire preparation process. DMDS (Digital Music Delivery System), dubbing, digital delivery and closed captioning including ten weeks of social media coaching/advisement and marketing, pitching to YouTube playlist curators and all the bullet points listed above. The promotion include tracking of all video airplay and video online placements and sending detailed airplay and online placement reports. 


Full Video Outlets- Delivery in 10 Week Campaign


A.Side TV - (Canada) AXS-TV - (National) BET - DMDS Digital Delivery (National) BET Jams - DMDS Digital Delivery (National) BET Soul - DMDS Digital Delivery (National) Havoc TV - (VOD) MTV - DMDS Delivery (National) MTV2 - DMDS Delivery (National) MTV Spankin’ New - DMDS Delivery (National) MTV Canada - DMDS Delivery (National) MTV Latin America - (Central America) MTV Live - DMDS Delivery (National) MTV Base - DMDS Delivery (Africa, Europe) MTV Tr3s - DMDS Delivery (Latin and South America) Yo! MTV - DMDS Delivery (National) mtvU - DMDS Delivery (National) MTV Video On Demand - DMDS Delivery (National) Musique Plus - (Canada) Music Choice - (VOD) Revolt - DMDS Digital Delivery (National) Stingray (Formerly Much Music) - DMDS Delivery (Canada) Tempo – (International) Trace TV – (Europe, Africa)


Baeble Music - (National, Set Top, Online) Bongo Boy TV - (National, NYC) California Music Channel - (CA) IndieWave - (National, Set Top, Online) JBTV - (Chicago, IL) LATV - (Los Angeles, CA) Music Mix USA - (FL, DC, MO) Music Inner City - (WA, OR, ID) MYX - (Redwood City, CA) Rain/Live Music Media - (Long Island, NY) R n' R Television - DVD (MD, MA, NC, MI) Skeelove's House - (CA, AZ, OR) VideoCity TV - (NYC, NJ, CT) Video Jam - (MA, CT, IA, ND, GA, NH, CA) Video Vision - (National, Set Top, Online) WHO?MAG TV - (National, Set Top, Online)


RETAIL POOLS / CONTENT PROVIDERS - American Music Environments


Channel M ClubCom ClubCom UK Evision MediaPlace / In Store Sports Network

Mood Media NetPulse Orange Door

PC Music Play Network Promo Only - Canada Promo Only UK Rock America/Retail Entertainment Design Loop Media (formerly Screenplay) Soundnet (UK)

VME Media


OTT (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc) Music Video Kings

IndieArtst Multiplicity Versus Media Bedlam Music Videos MyJam TV IndieWave Hip Hop Out Front Music Tout Rock House



Almen Joi - (San Bernadino, CA) Capital Chaos - (Sacramento, CA) Cutting Edge - (Dayton, OH) Drop The Beat - (San Antonio, TX) E Water Show - (Los Angeles, CA) Fox Traxx - (Menasha, WI) H20 TV - (New York, NY) NFTU-Boise - DVD (Boise, ID) On The Real Videos - (Sacramento, CA) OUTV - (Norman OK) Point Music TV - (Stevens Point, WI) Regional Video Limited - (San Francisco, CA) Sidewalks - (Richmond, CA) Style City TV - (St. Petersburg, FL) The Groove Zone - (Denver, CO) Taste TV - (Los Angeles, CA) Titan TV - (Oshkosh, WI) The Bobby T Show - (Cumming, GA) Video City TV - (New York, NY) Videology - (Columbia, MO) Video Diversity - (Omaha, NE) Video Hits - (Rochester, NY) VideoHIVE - (San Francisco, CA) Video Music Box - (New York, NY) WTR Video Show - DVD (Cleveland, OH)

Get Aired on TV

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Get Aired on TV
$2,500.00weekly/ 10 weeks