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Fash Koquette -“I’m a old soul with so much life to live” Jazz Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Mentor, TV Producer, Script-writer, Strategic Marketer, Innovator and Entrepreneur, born September 3, 1988 in New York. Fash started taking music seriously in 2011 and traveled all over the USA independently performing singles from her EP.  This grabbed the attention of Universal Music Group A&R Jerry Miller in 2012 for sit down meeting. Fash mentioned her goal wasn’t to get signed and proposed a counter offer to become a song writer. UMG contacted Fash weeks later and offered 2 years song writer contract. From bouncing around from different labels and talented artists Fash understands the importance of production, mixing, mastering, vocal arrangement, delivery, the emotion to structure your message, and most importantly the environment. 


“I remember being younger wanting to be a part of something to feel included. Due to my natural artistic skills, one mind couldn’t comprehend all my talents which lead people to be confused when dealing with me. This was frustrating trying to get my talents out there with industry professional unsure on where to start. I think it had more to do with them not being patient to understand the talent in front and looking for fast gratification. As I got older going into business meetings I realized I was the youngest and the smartest in the room and became threat because I’m not a follower. Around this time I stop wanting to be included and broke off and did my own thing”.



 In 2015 Fash founded Verdikt Studios and was one of the first to develop a winning formula that fits any genre of business to lead to a successful career. This got the attention of car dealerships, restaurants, record labels, doctor offices, clothing stores, and law firms. Within a short time clients seen a tremendous growth and fully jumped on board. 


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A lot of people just rush to collect the money, I like to understand the data and client goals to define the proper execution for project. I care more about the success of the project” Working with top artists in the industry such as Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo, Megan theee stallion, Lil Durk, Rod Wave, Jadakiss, Julez Santana, Key Glock, Dream Doll, BigDripDW, the list goes on she still has found the time build up and coming artists into stars she calls it “The Indie 2 Major Blueprint” and also help businesses get established in the market place. 


In the last 6 years Fash has made a remarkable impact with mentoring and managing over 1000+ music artists and businesses careers strategically building Internet presence, creating value/net worth and by utilizing her resources with TV and Radio networks, along with opening slots at major concerts and festivals in the United States.  She says “I’m realistic with my clients and let them know exactly can be done with budget, creating milestones weekly, monthly to hit the goal.” She goes on “A lot of this stuff wasn’t taught in school and they make you go to college to learn it, which the outcome not always great. I had to go through a lot of years of trails and errors to see what formula works and what doesn’t.  Even with all information out there it’s still hard to find what’s works." Fash says “A lot of people are unaware on where to start when it comes to selling a product, working with me I make it so easy to understand your brand, brand identity, demographic, and your market."

Being an Affiliate of Roc Nation, Sony, Empire,  and Atlantic Records Fash is able to schedule label meeting for artist to sit with A&R for potential signing or to work with their in house hit marker producers. “It’s not about having all the connects, just the right ones” She seemed more focused on maintaining industry standards when doing artist or business development, and providing a clear cut understanding of hard work being a requirement. 

The great opportunities Fash offers are truly for those looking to rise to next level. 


TV show -“ Who’s Next”Looking for Rappers and Singers. This is a pool of urban untouched talent on their way to becoming stars for the world to see. Live taping Nov 27, 2021 - Private location 

Creator and TV Producer - Fash Koquette  

NBC -The Voice is looking for singers for Season 20

 MTV -“Ghosted” is looking for those whom been ghosted to share their story.  


Other Companies Fash Founded

2017- Founded Blackmart the empire for black business owners to be link together 


2019- Elite Aviation Services EAS top priority is to provide clients with the highest level of safety and service in private air travel. With the expertise to accommodate any personal preference

Other services we offer: Private Jets, Sprinters, Limos, Luxury Cars, Villas, Mansions 


2021 - Fortunaire Group is a private professional think tank of entrepreneurial minds that searches out, organizes, and launches major projects. Our motto simply states, “Forward thinking in a rapidly changing world, we’re proud to say we are ahead of the curve. Our agenda is to introduce innovative solutions and the development of tools to solve problems that we face daily.



CEO- Verdikt Studios

Founder - Fortunaire Group , Elite Aviation Services (EAS), Blackmart, and Who’s Next 

Affiliation: Drip Code, Def Jam, Sony, Roc Nation, Atlantic Records, Empire, AMG, UMG


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